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Milbon Salon & Home Care Regimen

To achieve the finest—and longest-lasting—results, Milbon’s professional hair care cycle must start with a salon visit, which is followed up with a customized home care regimen.

At the salon, hair experts administer deep-conditioning treatments which revitalize hair strand by stand. This professional application yields unparalleled results that cannot be replicated outside the salon—even when using the best products at home.

To keep hair looking just as it does after a salon visit, Milbon treatments come with weekly post-salon boosters. We also offer corresponding homecare products—shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins—that are specifically designed to optimize and maintain salon results at home.

Our versatile product portfolio offers solutions for a wide array of hair concerns. With our 5-week regimen, every day can start with hair that’s beautiful and healthy, from every angle, inside and out.

All Milbon haircare products are color-safe.

Milbon 5-Week Beauty Cycle

Tips for Milbon Homecare


Thoroughly wet both hair and scalp for 90 seconds before shampooing to maximize product performance.


Emulsify shampoo between palms and gently work into hair and scalp. Milbon shampoos cleanse and condition at the same time.


Apply conditioner to hair from mid-length to ends, and massage in for 30 seconds until hair feels soft and smooth.